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Utility Layout and Design
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Utility Layout and Design Services

Ops Plus employs highly qualified, experienced design technicians who can meet any need in electric & gas utility layout and design. From the generation substation to the end-user customer, commercial to residential, Ops Plus’ design technicians can provide layout and design for any electric or gas service delivery requirement. We design for new services, replacements, relocations and facility extensions.

Our seasoned team of technicians can handle projects of any size and will partner with you from start to finish ensuring successful results. We will obtain all necessary permits and right of way acquisitions, coordinate work with outside agencies and other utilities, stake the job for construction, and handle any challenge or question that may arise during the construction phase.

Located in Louisville, we provide contract and service work in Kentucky, Indiana and throughout the Midwest. Call us to learn more about our services and how you can put our proven track record to work for you.