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At Ops Plus, safety is much more than a slogan.  Safety is a shared value; it is inherent in our employees and in our daily work.  Simply put, we strive to ensure that all employees are given the training, tools, and support needed to conduct their work safely.

Our culture of working safely provides Ops Plus with a competitive advantage by optimizing productivity, preventing operating losses, retaining employees, and improving morale.

We have developed an unrivaled safety program with a genuine commitment from management that is felt by every Ops Plus employee. The program is led by a full-time safety professional, along with a multi-member safety committee, representing all work groups. All employees are involved and actively participating in achieving our safety goals. We recognize that employee safety, productivity, and quality go hand in hand. Our high standards demand that the entire team is responsible to ensure the workplace and all work sites are as safe as possible. Employees are accountable for observing and reporting safety concerns without fear of repercussions.

Elements of our safety program include:

  • Extensive training, including 1-on-1 mentor training of new employees
  • Employee safety goals and objectives which are incorporated into performance metrics
  • Driver and vehicle safety policies, including regular vehicle audits
  • Collaboration with contact customers to ensure best practices are incorporated into all tasks
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Weekly safety tailgate meetings
  • Drug & alcohol testing in conformance with DOT and PHMSA regulations

Ops Plus’ safety program is led by Edward Hicks, a Board Certified Safety Professional with over 20 years of experience in the field of occupational safety & health, hazard recognition and avoidance, employee training, and more.