Meter Field Services
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Field Services

Ops Plus provides Field Technicians to support our client’s meter service orders.  Our staff is safety and technically trained and supervised to perform field duties such as:  gas and electric meter turn-on’s, turn-off’s, disconnects, re-connects, meter change-outs, re-reads, rate checks and meter traces.  We are able to perform using client specific technology to accept and complete orders.  Our goal is to use the safest in tools and transportation to perform our job accurately and timely.  In addition, we recognize and report to our client unsafe conditions to assist in public safety.  Some of the safety procedures we ensure:

  • Procedural checks
  • Checks for exposed or dangerous wiring
  • Checks for open gas lines and leaks
  • Checks for unapproved gas flex line tubing
  • Extensive gas training and knowledge on appliance turn-ons

Accountability and performance are measured through several metrices including productivity, accuracy (reads and order completions), reconnects within required timeframes and safety goals.  We also strive for Customer satisfaction in serving our client and our customer’s clients.

To learn more about our safety program, see our safety page.