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Electrical Equipment Diagnostics
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Medium- and High-Voltage Equipment Diagnostics

Performing diagnostics on medium- to high-voltage electrical equipment testing is one of our specialties. Our niche is locating electrical or performance issues with equipment, such as transformers and breakers, before those issues present major problems. We have experience in environments such as utilities, municipalities, manufacturing, college campuses and large retail stores.

Non-invasive preventive maintenance is a great tool to determine the best place to spend the maintenance dollar by using Infrared testing and oil sampling and analysis.

Infrared Testing

Our infrared services offer non-invasive testing conveniently and economically. Using a state-of-the-art thermal image camera and subsequent analysis, electrical and mechanical problems can be detected before a crisis occurs. Our certified thermographers are experts on obtaining the necessary images and interpreting defects. A full-colored report, including recommended corrections, will be provided on each anomaly identified.

Oil Sampling and Analysis

Performing Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) on insulating oil is generally accepted as the best way of assessing the state of electrical equipment. DGA is an analysis of the gases dissolved in the cooling/insulating medium. A cost-effective technique, it provides essential information that reveals much about the health of the equipment, including its present condition, changes that may be taking place, the degradation effects of overload, aging, the inception of minor faults, and the most likely cause of major failures.

Ops Plus offers quality, cost-effective and safe solutions with professional reporting to assist a client in benchmarking and monitoring their electrical equipment.  Call or email us today for a quote.