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Power Factor & Power Quality Services

Ops Plus, Inc. provides complete turn-key power factor correction services, including engineering analysis, the installation of power factor correction capacitors, as well as the commissioning and maintenance services.  Typically, the capital cost of correction of the power factor will be returned within 1-2 years via savings in the utility bill.  

 The installation is performed by our partner Delta Services, LLC with project management and on-site overview by Ops Plus engineers. 

 The benefits provided by power-factor improvements are from the reduction of reactive power flow in the utility and plant distribution systems. That reduction may result in the following:

  •    lower utility costs if a power-factor clause is enforced or the utility charges for the kVA demand. (Like LG&E-KU)

  •     release of system electrical capacity (the system does not carry unnecessary VARS).

  •    voltage improvement (less reactive voltage drop).

  •    lower system losses (up to 40 %!).


Power Factor Correction (PFC) and Harmonic Filtering 

Ops Plus, Inc. offers a variety of services to help you with your power factor correction and harmonic filtering projects.

Our Preliminary Evaluation is a popular way to start - a no-charge analysis of your power bills, which will tell you how much money you would save by correcting the power factor.

Power Factor Study / Harmonic Analysis - via measurements. For a modest charge, Ops Plus will conduct a power factor study and harmonic analysis of your facility. Metering equipment is connected to your main service, allowing us to capture your electrical events. The data is then analyzed at our office and a recommendation for correction is made. Results are guaranteed in writing.

Power Factor Study / Harmonic Analysis - via motor lists and transformer information. Working in similar fashion to the traditional site measurement study, Ops Plus will conduct a power factor study and harmonic analysis of your facility without actual site measurements. The power components and harmonic distortion are calculated using our site-simulation program. A recommendation for correction is made. Results are guaranteed in writing.

Commissioning - we send our engineer and technician to the job site to commission your new equipment.

Metering Equipment - available for a nominal fee.

No Risk Guarantee – We will monitor your system for the first 60 days (2 billing cycles) and make sure the power factor is corrected to the amount that we calculated. If the savings are not what we proposed and you are not seeing the power factor corrected, the system will be removed and your total costs will be refunded.

Extended Service Agreement at no additional costs – In addition to the one (1) year manufacturer’s equipment warranty, for the next 24 months Ops Plus will visit your location every 6 months to make sure your system is still operating to its full capacity. We will inspect and clean any equipment we installed and provide you with a full report. In addition, after the first 12 months of operation, we will review your electric bills to verify annual savings.

Power Factor Correction

Power factor correction can lower your electricity bills starting on the day the equipment is commissioned. We minimize downtime incurred as a result of the installation of the equipment, through careful planning and consultation with our customers. After the required hardware is installed, you will notice an immediate improvement in power factor, a more efficient use of your available electrical power and of course monthly savings in your electricity bills.

Before offering a solution to our customers, Ops Plus, Inc takes the necessary electrical measurements of your network (short or long-term analysis, with a sophisticated data logger). This allows us to better understand your power consumption and power factor constraints and ensures that our offer is based on sound and accurate information We also consider physical constraints (available space to install our hardware, ventilation IP rating etc) when submitting a proposal.

After the initial payback period, which is typically between 12 to 18 months, the saving on your electricity bill will automatically translate into improved profits for your business. After all, isn't that why you're in business?